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Growth Manager, Mobile

Growth Manager, Mobile
Spotify is the second most downloaded app in the iOS App Store in history for Sweden.
We want to be number one globally – will you make it happen?
We are looking for a multi-talented, crazy ambitious, well-educated Internet industry loving, Hacker News reading, and analytically skilled yet sales-capable superstar.

The Role
The position as Growth Manager, Mobile, in the Growth team is a highly  demanding one. The role targets an entrepreneurial type, who is business-minded and who knows not only the macros of the Internet industry but also the micros, meaning down to why a particular mobile user flow is more probable to succeed than another.
The hours... it’s whatever it takes to get the job done.

The Background
Minimum 2-3 years of working experience in the Internet industry and an  education from a top-tier business school are the requirements for the candidate. 
Entrepreneurial experience and experience in mobile product development is preferred.

The Passion
Your job is to help take Spotify from a successful start-up to a major player.  If you find these two articles not only inspirational but feel passionately that you can contribute to growing Spotify and that you will lead and thrive in an environment like this, then you should apply.



Don't rock up to the party empty handed, use the cover letter to tell us how &  why you'll attack & complete such a challenge.


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Publicerat: 01 jun 2012
Ansökningsdatum: N/A

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